Entertainers @ The STEAM Festival

It's All About The Entertainment!

Poplock Holmes – Chap Hop artist and Master of Ceremonies. Poplock Holmes raps about hunting Yeti, Drinking Tea fighting crypto-creatures and dropping scientific facts like the Hundredth Monkey theory.

Steam Punk Festival California

Frytown Toughs

Frytown Tough’s – The Frytown Toughs were born out of Doc Holiday’s musical saloon show in Tombstone, Arizona. Their specialties: Piano! Singing! Music! Mayhem! And plenty of shenanigans.

Strange Indeed – All that sound from two people!??” Projecting larger-than-life musical entertainment through soulful vocal harmonies, banjo, resophonic guitar, harmonica and foot percussions.

Steam Punk Festival California

Stone Stanley – is a one man band (Jason Trombley) who plays foot drums, guitars and vocals simultaneously to create Mudstomp Music!

Dr. Solar – Steampunk Medicine Man show; Magic, Puppetry and oddities abound on the only Solar powered Gypsy caravan stage.

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