Featured Artist

The Obtainium Works crew have become steampunk role models!

The featured artist this year is Obtainium Works! www.obtainiumworks.net Obtainium Works is the home base of the Hibernian Academy of UnNatural Sciences, based in Vallejo, California.  It is an on-going Do It Yourself (DIY) group of tinkerers, gearheads, and steam bohemians who fabricate art out of repurposed industrial detritus. They call it “Obtainium.” They are loosely based on the works of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and other Victorian-era writers who created an imaginary world where steam technology was considered cutting edge and brave explorers could be propelled by gun powder to the moon! Featured on Jay Leno’s garage and at Burning Man, their art is eccentricity at it’s finest. We are pleased to have their contraptions onsite to photograph and explore!

Coming Soon!