Workshops, Contest and Think Stations


  • Antique Camera Workshop. See where the selfie all started from!
  • Instruments of yesteryear. With a hands on interactive Theremin workshop.
  • Acting 101: Improvisation workshop
  • Steam machines: How they work
  • How the Cell phone began. Morse code to Cell phone communication and a text vs. morse code contest


• Custom Contest – Everyone is welcome to grace the main stage and showcase their costume and the character they have created at the costume contest. Prizes will be provided by our vendors and artisans and judged by the audience.
• City Scavenger Hunt
• S.T.E.A.M Bingo



Exhibitors will be showcasing working or replica Steam powered machines. The science of operating Steam engines will be demonstrated during the first half of the day, while maintenance and repairs will be demonstrated throughout the second half of the day. Exhibitors are TBD.

Entertainment & Education

In addition to the entertaining weekend of Steampunk sideshows, Friday kicks off the event with local school field trips organized. A morning and an afternoon activity session will be offered to local school districts where students will get a preview of the activities and exhibitions and will be enticed to bring their families back with discount coupons. S.T.E.A.M. curriculum from the invited schools will be intertwined the field trips, showcasing Technology of the museum and the Art of the Vendors as well as a short show from one of the musical performers. The field trip will include an interactive workshop designed to enhance the S.T.E.A.M. lesson with machines unique to each venue.

Think Stations and Shareable Experiences

Think Stations are interactive displays that will be set up in multiple locations throughout the event. They will be set up on site with extinct technology provided by the venue or already on display at the museum. Facts and information will be dependent on the display. Some of these stations will impart Engineering knowledge to the festival goers while some will have Mathematic facts taught through gear mechanics such as gear reduction and gear ratios. Each one will feature a clue for the Steampunk scavenger hunt that everyone is invited to participate in as well.

Check Back Soon For Upcoming 2019 Event Dates