Workshops, Contest and Think Stations

The Steam Events

Show off your Steampunk garb and strut your stuff. $5 entry to compete for Steampunk prizes!

Custom Contest
Everyone is welcome to grace the main stage and showcase their costume and the character they have created at the costume contest. Prizes will be provided by our vendors and artisans and judged by the audience.

Junk build-off
Steamy Tech brings laser cut scraps, gears and objects of interest and challenges you to make something. Gluer and sharpies provided, creativity must be brought! Their will be a Steamy Tech choice for the most creative who will receive unique Steamy tech item!

STEAM Boarding School (ages 3-9)
While we are having fun with the festival, there is serious business a foot. Find the secret study sessions dotted throughout merchant grove. Collect all 5 stamps in your passport to receive a Steamy Tech commemorative pin.

STEAM Scavenger hunt (Ages 9-99)

Find the STEAM clues throughout the event to find a secret spot. When you solve all 5 clues and find the spot, receive a Steamy Tech commemorative pin.

Riddle Rail Car

A narrative tale weaves you from train car to train car through a series of clues, riddles and time travel paradoxes. “Schrodingers Steam Train, the escape!”

Although it’s disguised as a simple Steam train now, the origin of the Niles railway was the then habitable moon Europa in 1888. The railway stretched from Europa, the moon of Jupiter, through wormholes and roundabouts to wind up at the end of the Transcontinental railway. The collision and unification of the Intergalactic Express and the Transcontinental Railway was the precursor event which led to the more widely known and less successful crash in Roswell which ended our relations with Europa. Some folks wonder if there is anyone still left waiting for their luggage on the Jupiterian moon seeing as how some got left behind… maybe you can help solve the mystery and get the lost packages delivered? Catch a ride on Schrodingers Riddle Rail Car!

Dr. Solar is People’s Choice Ventriloquist magician in San Francisco Bay Area as well as many top awards in the magic world. With his solar powered gypsy wagon stage and good old fashioned medicine man show, Dr. Solar proves that laughter really is the best medicine. 

Paul Olives AKA One Man jams brings the soul traveling gypsy spirited jazz with his foot stomping, toe tapping one man band. Playing drums with his feet, guitar or banjo with his hands, singing and playing the harmonica, his energetic and soulful musings are sure to get you going.

Unwoman is the bay areas own Steampunk queen, having been a fixture at virtually every Steampunk event for the last decade. Her mastery of the Cello shines with her unique layered vocals over looping Cello melodies, pizzicato bass lines and percussive string taps. Her music is somber, moody, Ferocious and Fiercely Feminine.

Daniel Cross is a solo, southern blues rock musician and songwriter from Southern California who’s been been playing his unique blend of southern grunge rock for over a decade. In the seediest of bars and taverns, he rocks the stage with gutteral screams and melodic melodies. Daniel’s rock is a sullen, ill tempered noise that is ingeniously woven into a catchy tune that will burn in your ears forever.

The undisputed king of Chap Hop Poplock Holmes takes the stage to bring his witty and comedic tales of Hunting Yeti, drinking Tea and battling the Basskervilles. Combining Victorian Flare with 80s hip hop, Chap Hop takes the cake for an absurdly cerebral spin on Steampunk music.

Coming Soon!